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Westminster Presbyterian Church of Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Our Westminster Family

Okay -- the bad news for you may be that at Westminster we still follow a tradition style of worship. But the good news is that here at Westminster we are a very relaxed group that not only like to worship and serve our Lord, but we also like to have fun. (We have even done the Hokey-Pokey during worship!) We are not rigid rule followers who gasp if someone claps or says "amen." We strive to serve our Lord with joy and with love. Speaking of the latter, there is a lot of love to be found at Westminster. If you feel lost or alone this is the place for you since we are a bit like the Island of Lost Toys in that old Rudolph the Reindeer movie. We love and accept anyone.  If you are happy and filled with the Holy Spirit and want to work for the Lord,  this is also the place for you.   Join us!

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